There’s God is them thar details….

Now, we have no religious affiliation whatsoever. In this life, and any other, we believe you’re entitled to believe what you want to believe. We’re down with that. Religion just ain’t our bag but we do think the higher qualities, the important stuff in life can be found in the smallest of things. And there’s no other phrase that captures that sentiment better than ‘god is in the details’.

Theological discussions aside, we really do think it’s the little things that matter. When you consider everything and give each piece of the puzzle the attention it deserves, the overall impression is one much goodness.

We’re not just talking about the details of our designs either. We talking about neck tags made with love. Arm pips on the sleeves, crafted and refined. We’re talking the quality of our printing. It all adds up to a feeling akin to being your own God in a t-shirt.ImageImageImageImage

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