The joy of small numbers

We’re not big fans of big numbers. We know all the finance jockeys, accountants and taxmen love ‘em. The bigger the better, they say. Not us. We like small numbers. Well, one small number to be precise. We like the number 50.

50 is not a great age to turn. It’s an impossible amount of push-ups to do. And it’s way too much to pay for a main course in a restaurant. But it is a bang-on amount of t-shirts to create. And that’s exactly how many we create of each and every one of our designs.

There are a number of really good reasons this. Chief among those is the fact that we get bored easily. We are constantly itching to move onto new things, to uncover/discover/release the next cool design.

We also want to make each tee special. With only 50 of each when you buy one you can very safe in the knowledge that you’re highly unlikely to bump into anyone else wearing one, anywhere, ever.

It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to work out that 50 t-shirts available around the world to a population of just over 7 billion equals pretty much the exact opposite of mass production.

By making very limited editions of every design we can produce a whole load more designs on an ongoing basis so everything is constantly fresh.

It also helps with quality control. Actually the only real control we want of the quality is the ability to keep it high.

High quality ethically sourced 100% cotton tees. High quality designs. High quality screenprinting. And high quality attitude. All of which you can only get when everything is done by hand.

Because if there are two things we really love it’s high quality and low numbers.Image

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