There’s God is them thar details….

Now, we have no religious affiliation whatsoever. In this life, and any other, we believe you’re entitled to believe what you want to believe. We’re down with that. Religion just ain’t our bag but we do think the higher qualities, the important stuff in life can be found in the smallest of things. And there’s no other phrase that captures that sentiment better than ‘god is in the details’.

Theological discussions aside, we really do think it’s the little things that matter. When you consider everything and give each piece of the puzzle the attention it deserves, the overall impression is one much goodness.

We’re not just talking about the details of our designs either. We talking about neck tags made with love. Arm pips on the sleeves, crafted and refined. We’re talking the quality of our printing. It all adds up to a feeling akin to being your own God in a t-shirt.ImageImageImageImage

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We’re clearing the decks

Out with the old and in with the new. We’re trying to clear our decks so we can move onto bringing all you lovely people a whole new range of Roil goodness. We actually have so much to bring you that it;s hard to contain the excitement. So, if you haven’t already, jump over to our shop (use the link to the right of this here post and grab your self some of our LMTD EDTN tees before they are gone forever.


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High hopes


We have high hopes for this year. We want big things to happen. And we’re taking steps to make them happen.

The first of these steps was to visit a little trade show in Los Angeles, California on February 8. It’s called The Bank Sale. And by ‘little trade show’, we mean, the BIGGEST street wear trade show IN THE WORLD. We jumped on a plane and flew the 14 hours to take part, and from the experience alone, we reckon it was well worth it.

The thing is we met loads of amazing people, all on the hustle, trying to make their brands happen. Not a single one of them was too cool or too busy to give advice on all aspects of the street wear business as they saw it.

We had a blast, partied hard, made a stack of new, exciting contacts and even established some very promising links with retailers in the USA.

Big things are gonna happen, so keep your eyes on the sky. Or on our site and social media feeds….ImageImage


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Want to own some of our original art?

IllustrationsWe have stacks of illustrations filed away in dark cupboards and filing cabinets. It suddenly occurred to us the other day that there might be some people out there who have a blank space on a wall that needs some skull love or just some original artwork to make it the centre of attention. Much better than having them hidden away where nobody can see them.

So if you’d like to buy some really affordable original art for yourself or someone you know for Christmas, a birthday or just ’cause you wanna, all you have to do is get on over to eBay and search ‘monsterman’. Keep checking back too, as we’ll be adding new pieces all the time from now on.

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We’ll honour our offer

Right now, you can grab a bundle of Roil goodness and save a few pennies too.

The more tees you buy the less you’ll pay.


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Let’s Face It

A couple of months ago we were invited to be part of a live t-shirt printing event in Brisbane. Called Let’s Face It, the event doubled as the launch party for the Analogue Digital festival. A load of artists were invited and we got to mix it with them. There was DJs and street art people daubing the walls all around.

Check out this link to see a video of the whole she-bang.


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